Elastic Adhesive Bandage

This bandage is made from cotton fibres with exceptional elasticity allowing the bandage to conform well to body contours. The adhesive is applied in the form of stripes, allowing the skin to breathe.

Product benefits Tensoplast Sport (BSN Medical):

  • High adhesive properties mean that the bandage is able to withstand the stress of sporting
  • activity or long-term application
  • Exceptional elasticity means that the bandage is comfortable, allowing the bandage to
  • conform to awkward contours
  • Superior stretch and regain combine to allow controlled compression
  • Air permeable – helps prevent skin maceration
  • Latex free formula – minimises the risk of latex reaction

Indications Tensoplast Sport (BSN Medical):

  • Functional strapping in sports traumatology (prevention and treatment of injuries)
  • Strong support for joints, ligaments and muscles
  • Compression bandage in phlebology
  • Fixation of splints

Presentation and prices Tensoplast Sport (BSN Medical):

Size Price without VAT (eur) Price with VAT (eur)
TENSOPLAST SPORT 2,5X 3 HB      4,05      4,82
TENSOPLAST SPORT 2,5X 6 HB      5,66      6,74
TENSOPLAST SPORT 2,5X 8 HB      7,19      8,56
TENSOPLAST SPORT 2,5X10 HB      9,37    11,15
TENSOPLAST SPORT 2,5X15 HB    13,94    16,59


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