Hypoallergenic Zinc Oxide

Rigid Strapping Tape

Constructed from viscose fabric combined with a hypoallergenic zinc oxide adhesive, Strappal® offers extra strong support and efficient stabilisation of joint structures.

The hypoallergenic adhesive helps to minimise the risk of allergic reaction.

Product benefits Strappal (BSN Medical):

  • Hand tearable for quick and easy application
  • Inextensible backing material provides rigid support
  • Latex free formula minimising the risk of allergic reaction

Indications Strappal (BSN Medical):

  • Rigid joint immobilisation
  • Provides extra strong support for sports injuries (sprains and strains)
  • Prophylaxis of sport injuries
  • Limitation of movement

Presentation and prices Strappal (BSN Medical):

Size Price without VAT (eur) Price with VAT (eur)
STRAPPAL 10m x 4cm      3,59      4,28
STRAPPAL 10m x 5cm      4,58      5,44


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